Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bailout? More Like Payout.

Bailout? More Like Payout.
Current mood: distressed

Here is one of the most telling signs of our government's ass backwards way of thinking. Let's give $700 billion (to start) to the banks so they can clean up the mess that they created. Why didn't the government call me to offer me a bailout plan when I was financially struggling in my early 20's? Was it because I wasn't already rich? Or perhaps it was because I hadn't greased the palms of lawmakers enough. Make sure to go read this article on MSN ( about Alan Fishman of Washington Mutual bank. With our government pushing it's great bailout we are once again shown the light. This guy worked for WaMu for 3 weeks and is walking away with a $19 million severance package. That's not a typo. It's more proof that our government is only concerned with the rich and could care less about the middle class. This guy is getting our hard earned money for running a bank into the ground. I am sure that the writing was on the wall before his 3 week tenure started, but come on. When all is said and done and our government shoves it's "plan" right down our throat what will America be like? We are all feeling the crunch during these times. Everything costs too much for the average person to get ahead in life. When are 'We the People' going to stand up and take control of our country. Our government wants the power to buy up anything it wants. It wants to have control in the private sector so that we can be more like communist China. I know that's a reach but look at the eerie similarities to the plan they have. The bailout's $700 billion is only a start. Has anyone bothered to read this bailout? It's open ended and not goverened by the same rules. That means they can continue to spend our money, buying buisness for themselves, and no one can do anything about it. I'm getting scared here people, and what the fuck?? AM I THE ONLY ONE?? Did I take the crazy pills here?

Is it time to move to Canada yet??

Canada = free health care, open imigration, equal taxes, clean streets. Sounds better than the garbage filled streets of racism and rich bias we live in. Did we foget to take pride in our country? Casey was drving home from work the other day and noticed a couple throw a whole bag of trash out their window. She pulled up beside them and asked if they really just did that. You know what they said to her?? "Mind your fucking buisness." CLASSY!! It is her buisness. It is all of our buisnesses. I could go on for hours about all the stupidity and idiocracy that consumes our country but I'm not going to. All I am going to say here is that I am saddened by the state of our country. We are no longer the "Greatest Country in the World" it's great to say that you are, but we have to do something to keep ourselves there.

Last thougths about what I think....

1. We need to get the f out of Iraq right now. Pack up the boys and bring them home. $1 billion a day is being wasted there. WASTED!! What have we acomplished so far?
Save money to help the banks, save our soldiers, and protect our land. I can't keep giving all my hard earned money to the government and their cronies.

2. I want Obamma to win in November. But I am going to go on the record here and say that he will not win. There are too many racists and idiots in this country for this to happen. I read things everyday that make no sense about his experience. He isn't a Bush and isn't someone who has been working in the wings with the current administration. He is the only hope we have for saving this country. He might be no better than McCain in the end, but at least it's hope. McCain is going to continue down the path we are on. Continue down the path like your old drunk uncle. Stop harboring feelings of inadequacy and bigitory. it's time to move on and accept that any man no matter his race or creed can be just like you. We all bleed red.

Read and article, open a book, and start to think.
It's time we took the power back.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It’s Not News! It’s CNN

Shame on you CNN for deciding that gossip is more newsworthy than anything else around the world. I was standing in the post office in Princeton yesterday, waiting in the long line (12 people in line and only one lane open - surprise, surprise). I glanced over towards the television mounted on the wall and noticed CNN was on. The only reason I realized it was CNN was because of their logo in the corner. For the entire 20 minutes I was stuck in line, CNN covered Madonna. They had "experts" in studio to discuss her maybe, or maybe not, getting a divorce. I watched the ticker run across the bottom of the screen.... bombing in Bagdad, gas hits another all time high, elections in Zimbabwe, etc. But what does CNN decide to spend the better part of 20 minutes on? That's right Madonna. What the hell has happened to journalism? What has happened to the Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernsteins? I'm sure Peter Jennings is rolling over in his grave when he sees how much real journalism has disappeared. We've gone from breaking actual news stories to gossiping. It's like listening to 6th graders talk about each other. The he said she said mentality is destroying America! There I said it! We are all becoming gossip girls! Everyone just talks shit about each other and tries relentlessly to get into each other's business. Why do you care what everyone else does? What's wrong with minding your own business and taking care of yourself for a change? I don't give a rat's ass about why Madonna is getting divorced. But I do care that the President passed another military spending bill that our grandchildren and their children will have to pay for. Why isn't that being covered with as much scrutiny on CNN as Madonna? I think that CNN should leave the gossiping to the entertainment channels and start reporting on real news. That's right, real news. Things that are important to our way of life. Stop covering stars that get enough attention without your help. Maybe it's our fault as a nation that this happened. Maybe we made journalists report gossip because the majority of the populace wants to hear about it. It's always entertaining to hear about celebrities getting into trouble or doing something we don't have the ability to do. I just don't think it needs to be covered by a news channel claiming to be a reputable news source. It's not news, its gossip CNN. Average no talent hacks are becoming stars because of our thirst for reality TV. And again reputable news sources feel the need to cover the life and times of people who won the social lottery. I have zero interest in what my neighbor is doing let alone what some idiot of orange county is doing. It's time for people to spend less time wishing they were someone else and more time taking care of their own. Then maybe we'll be lucky enough to have a news channel that actually reports news. But until then I will continue to view these "news channels" for what they are, retreaded gossip rags.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Feeling Economically Stimulated

The skies have opened and the all mighty light of the United States government has finally shown down upon me! It started as average, ordinary day, filled with the same old silliness I've come to make a habit. But in fact it was a most special day! Cue the trumpet fanfare! My economic stimulus check has arrived! I almost can't wait to spend it! I've been thinking of all the things I'm going to buy. Oh the choices! But then my evil "rational" personality chimes in. "Save It!" it slithers in my ear. Damn you rational side! Why do you vex me? Have I not been saving for what seems like forever??

But let's just suppose I get it. Just for a second, humor me.

This is what I take the point of the stimulus check to be: The government gives us some of our taxes back. They want us to go out and spend the money that they are giving us back on whatever crap we want. Best case scenario for them would be that we do spend it, because that would then stimulate the economy. Saving it will not stimulate anything, including interest. So to summarize, the government gives us back some of the money we made working. They want us to spend that money on stuff. So the people who make the stuff get our money for the stuff they made. Then presto! The economy is stimulated! Makes sense I suppose.

I know this is getting long winded, but bear with me. I have a point. I promise.

I'm not heading to the rich get richer point that I could go to. Because believe me that has most certainly crossed my mind. My check will probably go to pay for gasoline, and we all know how I feel about gas prices, so we'll leave it at that. I think the whole "stimulus plan" in theory is a great idea. But just to offer an opinion why don't we cut the taxes on certain things that are taxed high and used often. Like gas for example. Some of the gas price is actually tax. Taxes put in place by the state and federal governments. So if we dropped that tax an equivalent of what our stimulus check was worth might that have the same effect on the economy? Stretching it out over 365 days would make it a pittance. It's an average of $1.64 a day. Although this check is great to get, it's not doing anything to those who could've used it before it became tough to keep up with their bills. Anyone who has trouble staying afloat will see this check as a blessing. Believe me, I was there. It took me many years to get my self back on track. But the average $600 that an individual is going to get back isn't going to get many people out of the hole. I imagine this plan to be the equivalent of a getting a "rub and tug". Except, you end up with just the "tug". Then later on you find yourself wondering, "Why does my back still hurt?" You're going to feel like you got a great deal, probably forget that $600 is gone before you blinked an eye, then realize the government missed the real point. It'll take a lot more than $600 to really help you feel economically secure. With people losing their homes everyday I'm pretty sure this check isn't going to do much to help them.

I do appreciate the money though, I'm certainly not complaining. And you can't have it back. I promise Dubua, I'll put it to good use, no matter what I buy.

I'm just one man with a distored view on what the culture tells me should be reality. So join me in asking questions. Stop conforming to what the TV tells you is the way to live. Make up your own mind! THINK!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thoughts for the Week 6/10/08

Last night my wife told me that my last couple of posts seem like angry rants, so although this one follows the same direction, I promise to end on a happier note.

1) I had the displeasure of catching a moment of the E channel's entertainment news the other night in passing. I overheard the hostess refer to all the camera men surrounding some star as "the Paparazzi" in a condescending voice as to imply irritation. Um hello, E hostess, yea you are the paparazzi.... That's the equivalent of piece of corn wondering why it's surrounded by shit in a septic tank.

2) When gas gets to $5 a gallon will the government do anything then or will they just continue to line their pockets with $100 bills? Has anyone else come to the stark realization that we will never see gas below $3 again in our life time? At this point $3 a gallon would be a blessing. It's hard for me to take any elected civil servant seriously these days. Especially when they are continuously referred to as "oil men." You'd think that if they were "oil men" that they could do something about the out of control costs. A better name would be "money men" since they seem to have an uncanny knack for taking as much of it as they can shove in their private off shore bank accounts. Then I read in the news today that our Republican representation vetoed a proposed bill that would tax big oil companies on "unreasonable" profits they could make based on the excessive price of gas. What is so wrong about that? Big oil already has billions of dollars in tax breaks given to them by our government. What else could our government possibly do to help them? The real question is why do they continue to help billionaires and continue to stick it to the middle class. Where are our big tax breaks? I'd be happy to pay a higher tax if I made billions of dollars a year. Our president is in bed with Big Oil, has been since his days in Texas. He had already said that if the bill got to him he would veto it. Of course he would! Do you think he would want to upset his greedy friends? I can't even begin to imagine the deep level of corruption that starts in our state governments and works its way right up to the big cheese. I am in 100% agreement with Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) it's time to vote on the impeachment of "Dubua."

You can read an article on this at

The price of gas is sending our economy into an out of control spiral that has affected virtually every facet of everyday life. Prices on food, services, disposable goods, transport, and delivery have all risen drastically since this gas crisis has started. Companies are starting to have to raise prices on everything just to break even as they slowly but surely see their bottom line going into the red. Why is it that our government can't stop taking handouts from big corporations? And for that matter why is it that the media can't stop gossiping and start covering the important issues? Why is this not a bigger news story you ask? Could it be because Jessica Alba had a baby? Thanks CNN I never would have known (or cared) unless you talked about it during Headline News. The media in this country is a joke anymore. We have free press here and all you can do is dodge the important issues and highlight the information that no one should care about. Did anyone know that on Tuesday a U.S. Government Accountability Office survey was released detailing unfit soldiers being forced to serve? Of course not! Want to know why? Hardly anyone covered it. Didn't hear too much about it on the news or read much about it in the paper. I had to search for it on the internet and then luckily found an article published by the Denver Post. I urge you to read up on the survey's findings, it is truly disturbing.

(Read it here

3) Animals have always liked me, don't know what it is. Perhaps they can just sense that I mean them no harm. We rescued a cat the other day that someone dumped near our house. I couldn't keep him because I've already got three, but he was such a little lover that he clearly belonged to someone. I took him in out of the rain and cleaned him up. I posted various "cat found" postings on the net and even called local shelters looking to return him to his owner. After two days there were no replies and no leads. So with the help of my vet I set out on a mission to find him a home. People had contacted me through the ads I posted with great interest. I felt strange just handing him over to a stranger since it was very apparent that there were people who wanted this cat for reasons other than a pet: cat fights, testing, bait, etc. What is this world coming to that people feel the need to torture or kill defenseless animals for fun? That's sick not fun. I hope that someday we get invaded by aliens and their sport is making people fight to the death, and the 1st contestants are these sick people. Given that's quite a stretch but hey it's nice to dream once in a while. I just think that what comes around goes around. I am fully behind any laws that will raise the criminal ramifications of such acts. I was contacted by a woman from Rescue Pets ( about taking him and helping him find a home. They work throughout Pet Smarts and various other local agencies to rescue and place animals with good families. I urge you to always go to your local shelter or through one of these adoption agencies when you are looking to get yourself a new pet. I went to the Burlington County Animal Shelter here and it almost made me sick to be in there. They have a euthanasia rate at about 70% for all animals brought there. There were tons of very friendly cats and dogs for you to adopt. From new born to older animals there is something there for everyone. Please help save a life. And if you have to give up your animal for any reason please do not take him to the shelter unless it is a last ditch effort! Organizations like Rescue Pets will take them and try to place them. They are no kill organizations. Some local shelters are also no kill, but it would be best to call before ever taking a pet there. Also these organizations need donations and volunteers, please see your local pet rescue for more details. If you have a pet and can't keep it, abandoning them to fend for themselves is never the answer. Your pet relies on you to survive. How would you have felt if your parents dropped you off in the woods when you were young? If you can't take care of a pet then the bottom line is you shouldn't get one.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Thought 5/29/08

Here are my thoughts for the week, feel free to comment or start a discussion. I like it best when you agree with me :-) but you don't have too.

1. Congress is going to investigate the "sport" of horse racing! Go Figure! It's not like there is some fucked up war going on right now. I mean isn't this just the best time in our lives as far as our personal wealth? How much does gas cost you these days? Shit what about food?? Oh but I forgot people are mistreating horses (Ed note: not that I condone that) hurry Congress before it's too late!! For the horses that is. PS great job on spygate and Clemens you might as well pick something from all sports and go for the gusto. Who's paying attention to you bailing out private banks like Bear Stearns (who aided in funding and caused this mortgage crisis) with our money anyway? That's what I pay taxes for right?

2. I'm on the "anybody but Bush" bandwagon for the most part (Go Nader) so I don't have a strong opinion on either Democratic candidate. But is it just me or is Barack sounding more and more like a preacher every day? I know that these speeches and appearances are just the hype machine in full motion. I think I saw this somewhere before, oh yea that's right, church. Not that he's preaching religion. It's just his delivery. Try this exercise - listen to him talk. Then, when he finishes a sentence say, Amen.

3. I want to personally thank Lenox, Coach, and others for sending me fantastic 10% off coupons! Now I can spend my whopping $600 economic stimulus check from the government on something fancy! Who doesn't love being trendy? I mean that is why you decided to mail out this extremely uncharacteristic coupon (for your over priced product) at this specific time isn't it? You know what 10% of an $800 pocket book is? Jack Shit, that's what.

4. I fully understand why New Jersey passed the cell phone ban for drivers. Honestly most people have enough trouble driving as it is without the added distraction of holding and talking on a cell phone. This morning I witnessed a woman driving near where I work, she was on her cell phone turning left at a light onto a major road. She ran over the median as she turned and then swerved in front of another car to avoid hitting a road sign. But she managed to keep the phone in her hand while she did this, great job! What would have happened if she hit that other driver? Do you think she would have continued to talk on the phone? Perhaps she would have told whomever she was talking to that she would have to call them back when she got back in the car. It might be time for the police to start enforcing this one. Bluetooth is the safe way to go these days, and it's cheap enough for everyone to afford. Pay attention to driving your car for a change, you can gossip later.

5. Someone please tell our president that the word "awesome" is not presidential. He used it with the Pope ("Thank you, your holiness, awesome speech."). He also used it in talking about the troops (U.S. forces are "an awesome bunch of people"). How long before he starts talking about how "rad" McCain is? i.e.: John McCain is not only gnarly but he's phat! I can only shake my head as the rest of the world quietly giggles in the background. The Daily Show did an awesome montage of all the times he's used his new favorite word. View it here

Thursday, May 08, 2008

What Happened to Driver's Education?

I'm becoming more concerned with the state of driving on the roads of New Jersey every day. I have a decent commute to and from work daily, and it has given me the chance to witness the deterioration of other peoples driving skills first hand. I am by no means claiming to be a professional driver or insinuating that I have some advanced schooling in the driving arts. I am only voicing the opinion that perhaps, just perhaps, we need to make driving school mandatory and require licensed drivers to take a driving test again later in life. I am also slightly inclined to recommend a raise in the legal driving age, but we'll get to that later. Driving is the culmination of maneuvering, guiding, or steering the progress of a vehicle for the purpose of getting from point A to point B. At an older age (or before a certain age) your reflexes, decision making, and accuracy are dulled to the point of regression. How is it possible to still operate a moving vehicle with the skill needed to do so without causing harm to others? Case in point: The driver of a late model Buick going 29mph in a 50mph zone with 10-15 cars stuck behind them. Why does this happen? Does the driver not notice the speed limit sign? Do they fear a higher speed will cause them to crash or lose control of the vehicle? Do they not notice the extremely long line of cars behind them virtually begging for a passing lane? Some of you will say, "But what are they supposed to do?" I don't have a clear cut answer to that, but my 1st suggestion would be to pull over and let the other cars go by. It leads me back to the initial idea of retesting drivers. Would you get your license in the 1st place if you couldn't successfully maneuver an onramp? I'm sure you have been behind someone who decides at the last minute that instead of merging into traffic they want to slam on their breaks and wait until there is a huge opening for them to merge with. Why should anyone get amnesty just because they passed their driving test 40 or 50 years ago? The bottom line is if you can't drive safely and drive well then you shouldn't be licensed to drive. It would cut down on the amount of accidents as well as some traffic problems. (Ed. Note – That's an opinion, I don't have any scientific evidence to back that up or anything)

I hear the naysayers now, "But how will these people get from place to place?" How about public transportation? I'm sure that if our government put their power to use for something beneficial for the people than a good solution could be created. I am not insinuating that the only problems are older drivers either. There are plenty of just plain old ass holes on the road as well. I'm sure you have all met these people who are under the impression that they are way more important than you, and that they have the right to do anything they need to just to get where they are going (And where they are going is WAY more important than where you are going). We've all been on a road where 2 lanes merge into 1. You look in your rearview mirror and here they come, the ass holes. They are speeding up faster into the merging lane just for that chance to be able to sit in the bumper to bumper traffic a few spaces in front of you. What's the point? If more people would use some common sense and be a little polite on the road you'd see the traffic jams less severe. If the traffic is merging from three lanes into two, and you decide that going all the way down into the main traffic area to join the great merge is the way to go, then you are an idiot. All you are doing is making the traffic worse as well as causing countless other drivers to sit longer. So that in turn makes you an ass hole. Perhaps you don't want to sit behind all the other people who want to be home just as badly as you do. Perhaps you have to pee so much that your bladder is going to explode. Or perhaps you are just rude and inconsiderate. These are the same ass holes who like to flow in and out of traffic with no turn signals. If you pull into my lane and cut me off well then sure I am going to be pissed off at you when you don't signal that you are going to do it. Are you under some impression that people are going to move for you no matter what dumb move you make at 75mph? Turn signals are not only a safe way to let other drivers know what you are doing but they also help other drivers make good decisions based on what you are doing. When I am trying to turn onto a road and you are traveling with the flow of traffic and then turn into where I am with no signal do you realize that you just made it harder for me to get onto the road? I could have turned out while you were slowing down and perhaps not been stuck there waiting for another opening, but no, instead I am still sitting there because you again were rude and inconsiderate towards your fellow driver. I think that the DMV should create a new ticket and law, the ass hole. This way when any accident occurs due to you being an ass hole you get an automatic 5 points and lose your license for up to 90 days. Plus you have to wear a huge scarlet 'A' on your shirt for no less than one year.

Now anyone who knows me knows that I am, at times, also guilty of many offenses while driving. My road rage tends to get the best of me on numerous occasions. Nothing is more annoying than the car in the left lane going slower than all the other traffic. If you are in the left lane and not passing the car next to you then you need to move over. There is no need to be in the left lane if you are enjoying your leisurely drive. NJ State law states that you must keep right except to pass. There is never any reason to ride neck and neck with another car on a freeway. You can easily merge behind them and continue the exact same speed. The left lane is for faster traffic, the right lane is for slower moving traffic. This is another rule learned, yet seemingly forgotten, from Driver's Education. Another pet peeve is drivers who see the light ahead preparing to turn yellow, not yet turning yellow, and choose to slow down. If the light is green, there are no cars in front of you, and you step on the break, chances are the car behind you is going to be pissed. I know I don't want to sit at the light just because the guy in front of me slowed down (and usually ends up running the late yellow, early red light anyway). It seems like now whenever anyone gets behind the wheel of a vehicle they tune out the world around them. No longer can you see other cars or other drivers, you only see your destination and other things in your path to arrival. If you'd take two seconds to look around, or perhaps anticipate what someone else is going to do based on the traffic pattern, you'd probably hear less people beeping at you.

Now let's touch briefly on raising the driving age for a second before I go on my final rant about why I hate other drivers. You have to be 21 to drink, 18 to vote, and 18 to buy cigarettes. You have to 25 to rent a car, 18 to see an 'R' rated movie, and are considered a teenager until you hit 20. I am not against training teens to drive at 17, but I am against licensing them at 18. I was 18 before (although a decade or so ago) and I remember what it was like back then. I was confused, still finding out who I was in life, and I had no place driving. You just don't make rational decisions when you are that young. You are too busy being a tough guy or trying to impress the tough guys. Common sense and experience is not something you have an abundance of at that age. If we were to extend the training period for 8 months to a year and require teens to log real time behind the wheel with an instructor we might find that the level of driving skills may increase across the board. I also agree with stricter penalties for younger drivers. If you cause and accident based on your negligence or disregard for other drivers then I think you should lose your license and be forced to do another driver training course before having it reinstated. This might encourage the youth to spend less time looking cool and more time understanding that driving is a privilege that you must take seriously for yourself and the well being of others.

I have discovered that I could go on and on with things that are annoying about other drivers but I don't have the time to keep going and I'm sure that by now you've gotten the point. If you have experienced any of these people on the road then you know what I'm talking about. There are many kinds of people on the road with you. Everyone is driving somewhere they need to get to, just like you. If we all took just an extra second to consider other drivers we would have a safer roadway. But since I'm sure that is asking way too much, I will accept not driving slow in the left lane, at least maintaining the speed limit on one lane roads, and using your turn signals. I'm not asking you to change everything about the way you drive, just to consider why you are doing what you do. I want to get home as fast as I can, and I do tend to drive faster than the normal driver (ask my wife), but I still drive safely and courteously. When was the last time you stopped to let someone merge into traffic in front of you? Do one good driving deed a day and hope that it comes back to you. And if that doesn't work, lay on the horn!! That's what it was made for.

Friday, March 14, 2008

Spitzer helps Prostitute with her American Dream

We’ve become a sad country America. It all started with Monica Lewinski. She got famous for sucking off Bill Clinton. Her parents we’re very proud of her accomplishments. Hopefully we will get to see her career continue on soon. On the Surreal Life perhaps? Now young girls across the country are lucky enough to have a new role model to look up to: Professional Prostitute Ashley Alexandra Dupré. This aspiring musician not only has sex for money, she also has been approached by the likes of Penthouse and Hustler to do a big spread in their magazines. Becoming famous has never been so easy! And now Spitzer can be in the same category as Clinton in this regard. He helped someone get famous by having sexual relations with them. Again I am sure her parents are proud! All I’m saying here is kids, don’t be like her. Have some self respect and try to become famous the right way, by doing something worthwhile. It’s tough for someone like me to give a shit about someone who is famous for being rich or for being a whore. (i.e.: Paris Hilton or Kim Kardashian). And guys stop helping these girls achieve their dreams of exposing themselves in porn magazines-sex tapes-beaver shots! It must be a supply and demand type thing. Sure these girls are pretty to look at but the ex-Gov paid about $4000 for Ashley’s services. No punane is worth that much, not even if you look like Spitzer does. As this continues to play out I am sure we will see more and more of the prostitute on the news, in interviews, and probably in some naked photos of some point. And I’m sure that her fantastic musical talent will reap the benefits and we will soon have her debut CD right in the bargain bin rack next to Lindsay Lohan and Paris Hilton’s stellar debuts! How did we ever get so lucky?

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Clemens vs. Congress

I am here to say to Congress that as an American citizen I really don't care that much about Roger Clemens and whether or not he took performance enhancing substances. If he did, then that's sad for him and sad for baseball. But I assure you that it is no way shape or form worthy of Congress's time or effort. Hell its not even worth TV channels like CNN's time, who feel the need to run story after story about this. Aren't you a real news channel? This could be another elaborate smoke screen to blind the American people from the real issues facing them. House Oversight and Government Reform Committee chairman Henry Waxman and Republican Tom Davis should stop worrying about a game (that's right guys, baseball is just a game) and start focusing their attention on much more important issues. When you were elected do you think your constituents wanted this to be what you focused on? (Congressional committee asks Justice Department to investigate Clemens) Here is a short list of some of the Oversight committees that would make more sense than wasting tax payers money on finding out about a game someone may or may not have cheated on:

How about a committee to look into a president that lied to get us into a war for oil?Waxman and Davis are very concerned about how Clemens lied under oath, well what about Bush? This is just my opinion, I know that the war is much more than just oil. But you can't help but wonder when Halliburton gets no bid contracts and the real enemy isn't even in Iraq. You want to try Clemens for perjury then the same should apply to everyone who takes the oath to serve and protect our country don't you think? Hell I'd even settle for a committee to investigate just one of the lines of bull that "Dubua" has fed us: Iraqs involvement in 911, wire tapping, torture, Katrina response, WMDs, Valerie Plame, his relationship with the Saudis, etc etc etc.

How about a committee to look into our failing health care system that leaves millions of American citizens without basic health care and costs the rest of us an arm and a leg? Our health care system ranks pretty much last vs. the rest of the rich countries in the world. And below dictator ruled Cuba! (US Health System Ranks Last Compared to Other Countries: Studies). We are certainly not naive about the simple fact that US heath care is about making money for the pharmaceutical companies - there is more money in the treatment than in the cure. So while people get addicted to prescription drugs that have side effects that sometimes are worse than the problem they treat, the companies continue to turn record profits, and we as a people continue to suffer.

How about a committee to look into why billions of dollars in revenue is generated by oil companies and yet the cost of gas just continues to sky rocket? Isn't it strange that Exxon/Mobil sees their biggest profit ever in 2007 and the price of gas/oil keeps going up? (Exxon Mobil sets annual profit record) I fully understand that they are in a money making business, but why do I have to pay hundreds of dollars a month so I don't freeze to death in my home?

How about a committee to seriously look at immigration reform instead of building a wall on our southern border. It's sad that there are some people in this world that judge people by the color of their skin instead of their actions. So many people are trying to fight immigration reform that it's starting not to make any sense. Why would we not want to have the millions of illegal immigrants in our country made into citizens? It would help the economy greatly! Think about the amount of tax dollars that could be generated if they all started paying income tax. Hell it might even save social security! Now I know that the slave drivers in American business would never want to actually pay someone a fair and decent wage, but maybe it's about time that we wake up and stop playing the tough guy. They are here already. They are using our resources, driving, living, and enjoying the life that America offers. But instead we decide that we should build a wall, on only part of the border, to keep them out. Great idea! They will never think to go around/under/over it! It would be nice to see the racism and horrible treatment of people come to an end for a change. But maybe that's too much to ask for, we do have steroids in baseball to worry about after all!

This list could seriously go on and on. And again before you jump all over me for just speaking my mind, i'm not insinuating that all of my opinions are more than just that, opinions. I just wonder what the US would be like if more people opened their mouth instead of just letting themselves continue to get walked on. We've got corruption from the highest office in America why should anyone under him be any different? We live in a democracy where the American people are supposed to be able to vote on issues and elect our chosen leaders. The system we operate in is nothing like that. The only votes that matter are the electoral votes that the (Presidential) candidates get not the common vote. I mean seriously did everyone forget already how Gore won the popular vote in 2000? How can anyone have faith in a government that spends more time worrying about Roger Clemens than more pressing issues? This list is short and far from detailed enough to sway Congress's moral authority on the subject, but you can't blame me for trying. It's become very clear to this American that our government is more concerned with trivial game playing than ending serious problems around the world. You think anyone in Darfur cares about Roger Clemens?