Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bailout? More Like Payout.

Bailout? More Like Payout.
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Here is one of the most telling signs of our government's ass backwards way of thinking. Let's give $700 billion (to start) to the banks so they can clean up the mess that they created. Why didn't the government call me to offer me a bailout plan when I was financially struggling in my early 20's? Was it because I wasn't already rich? Or perhaps it was because I hadn't greased the palms of lawmakers enough. Make sure to go read this article on MSN ( about Alan Fishman of Washington Mutual bank. With our government pushing it's great bailout we are once again shown the light. This guy worked for WaMu for 3 weeks and is walking away with a $19 million severance package. That's not a typo. It's more proof that our government is only concerned with the rich and could care less about the middle class. This guy is getting our hard earned money for running a bank into the ground. I am sure that the writing was on the wall before his 3 week tenure started, but come on. When all is said and done and our government shoves it's "plan" right down our throat what will America be like? We are all feeling the crunch during these times. Everything costs too much for the average person to get ahead in life. When are 'We the People' going to stand up and take control of our country. Our government wants the power to buy up anything it wants. It wants to have control in the private sector so that we can be more like communist China. I know that's a reach but look at the eerie similarities to the plan they have. The bailout's $700 billion is only a start. Has anyone bothered to read this bailout? It's open ended and not goverened by the same rules. That means they can continue to spend our money, buying buisness for themselves, and no one can do anything about it. I'm getting scared here people, and what the fuck?? AM I THE ONLY ONE?? Did I take the crazy pills here?

Is it time to move to Canada yet??

Canada = free health care, open imigration, equal taxes, clean streets. Sounds better than the garbage filled streets of racism and rich bias we live in. Did we foget to take pride in our country? Casey was drving home from work the other day and noticed a couple throw a whole bag of trash out their window. She pulled up beside them and asked if they really just did that. You know what they said to her?? "Mind your fucking buisness." CLASSY!! It is her buisness. It is all of our buisnesses. I could go on for hours about all the stupidity and idiocracy that consumes our country but I'm not going to. All I am going to say here is that I am saddened by the state of our country. We are no longer the "Greatest Country in the World" it's great to say that you are, but we have to do something to keep ourselves there.

Last thougths about what I think....

1. We need to get the f out of Iraq right now. Pack up the boys and bring them home. $1 billion a day is being wasted there. WASTED!! What have we acomplished so far?
Save money to help the banks, save our soldiers, and protect our land. I can't keep giving all my hard earned money to the government and their cronies.

2. I want Obamma to win in November. But I am going to go on the record here and say that he will not win. There are too many racists and idiots in this country for this to happen. I read things everyday that make no sense about his experience. He isn't a Bush and isn't someone who has been working in the wings with the current administration. He is the only hope we have for saving this country. He might be no better than McCain in the end, but at least it's hope. McCain is going to continue down the path we are on. Continue down the path like your old drunk uncle. Stop harboring feelings of inadequacy and bigitory. it's time to move on and accept that any man no matter his race or creed can be just like you. We all bleed red.

Read and article, open a book, and start to think.
It's time we took the power back.

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