Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Thought 5/29/08

Here are my thoughts for the week, feel free to comment or start a discussion. I like it best when you agree with me :-) but you don't have too.

1. Congress is going to investigate the "sport" of horse racing! Go Figure! It's not like there is some fucked up war going on right now. I mean isn't this just the best time in our lives as far as our personal wealth? How much does gas cost you these days? Shit what about food?? Oh but I forgot people are mistreating horses (Ed note: not that I condone that) hurry Congress before it's too late!! For the horses that is. PS great job on spygate and Clemens you might as well pick something from all sports and go for the gusto. Who's paying attention to you bailing out private banks like Bear Stearns (who aided in funding and caused this mortgage crisis) with our money anyway? That's what I pay taxes for right?

2. I'm on the "anybody but Bush" bandwagon for the most part (Go Nader) so I don't have a strong opinion on either Democratic candidate. But is it just me or is Barack sounding more and more like a preacher every day? I know that these speeches and appearances are just the hype machine in full motion. I think I saw this somewhere before, oh yea that's right, church. Not that he's preaching religion. It's just his delivery. Try this exercise - listen to him talk. Then, when he finishes a sentence say, Amen.

3. I want to personally thank Lenox, Coach, and others for sending me fantastic 10% off coupons! Now I can spend my whopping $600 economic stimulus check from the government on something fancy! Who doesn't love being trendy? I mean that is why you decided to mail out this extremely uncharacteristic coupon (for your over priced product) at this specific time isn't it? You know what 10% of an $800 pocket book is? Jack Shit, that's what.

4. I fully understand why New Jersey passed the cell phone ban for drivers. Honestly most people have enough trouble driving as it is without the added distraction of holding and talking on a cell phone. This morning I witnessed a woman driving near where I work, she was on her cell phone turning left at a light onto a major road. She ran over the median as she turned and then swerved in front of another car to avoid hitting a road sign. But she managed to keep the phone in her hand while she did this, great job! What would have happened if she hit that other driver? Do you think she would have continued to talk on the phone? Perhaps she would have told whomever she was talking to that she would have to call them back when she got back in the car. It might be time for the police to start enforcing this one. Bluetooth is the safe way to go these days, and it's cheap enough for everyone to afford. Pay attention to driving your car for a change, you can gossip later.

5. Someone please tell our president that the word "awesome" is not presidential. He used it with the Pope ("Thank you, your holiness, awesome speech."). He also used it in talking about the troops (U.S. forces are "an awesome bunch of people"). How long before he starts talking about how "rad" McCain is? i.e.: John McCain is not only gnarly but he's phat! I can only shake my head as the rest of the world quietly giggles in the background. The Daily Show did an awesome montage of all the times he's used his new favorite word. View it here

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