Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It’s Not News! It’s CNN

Shame on you CNN for deciding that gossip is more newsworthy than anything else around the world. I was standing in the post office in Princeton yesterday, waiting in the long line (12 people in line and only one lane open - surprise, surprise). I glanced over towards the television mounted on the wall and noticed CNN was on. The only reason I realized it was CNN was because of their logo in the corner. For the entire 20 minutes I was stuck in line, CNN covered Madonna. They had "experts" in studio to discuss her maybe, or maybe not, getting a divorce. I watched the ticker run across the bottom of the screen.... bombing in Bagdad, gas hits another all time high, elections in Zimbabwe, etc. But what does CNN decide to spend the better part of 20 minutes on? That's right Madonna. What the hell has happened to journalism? What has happened to the Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernsteins? I'm sure Peter Jennings is rolling over in his grave when he sees how much real journalism has disappeared. We've gone from breaking actual news stories to gossiping. It's like listening to 6th graders talk about each other. The he said she said mentality is destroying America! There I said it! We are all becoming gossip girls! Everyone just talks shit about each other and tries relentlessly to get into each other's business. Why do you care what everyone else does? What's wrong with minding your own business and taking care of yourself for a change? I don't give a rat's ass about why Madonna is getting divorced. But I do care that the President passed another military spending bill that our grandchildren and their children will have to pay for. Why isn't that being covered with as much scrutiny on CNN as Madonna? I think that CNN should leave the gossiping to the entertainment channels and start reporting on real news. That's right, real news. Things that are important to our way of life. Stop covering stars that get enough attention without your help. Maybe it's our fault as a nation that this happened. Maybe we made journalists report gossip because the majority of the populace wants to hear about it. It's always entertaining to hear about celebrities getting into trouble or doing something we don't have the ability to do. I just don't think it needs to be covered by a news channel claiming to be a reputable news source. It's not news, its gossip CNN. Average no talent hacks are becoming stars because of our thirst for reality TV. And again reputable news sources feel the need to cover the life and times of people who won the social lottery. I have zero interest in what my neighbor is doing let alone what some idiot of orange county is doing. It's time for people to spend less time wishing they were someone else and more time taking care of their own. Then maybe we'll be lucky enough to have a news channel that actually reports news. But until then I will continue to view these "news channels" for what they are, retreaded gossip rags.

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