Monday, March 16, 2009

Eleven Things I would do if I was elected President of the United States

Eleven Things I would do if I was elected President of the United States
(Also known as eleven reasons why I will never be elected President of the United States)
I am not a politician. I am not a professional pundit. I am not registered to any political party. I do not think I can fix everything. I don’t think I am the final say in decisions about what is right and wrong. Nor do I think that my opinions would solve every ill the country suffers from. However, I do believe these few changes to the way our government operates could help our country regain its place as the greatest country in the world.

1. I would make all taxes even and based on a percentage of your income. If you make ten thousand dollars or six hundred billion dollars a year it will be eighteen percent. I would close all tax code loop holes and have no tax breaks for shipping American jobs overseas. The term “tax break” would evaporate from this nation’s vocabulary completely. This money would help fund social security as well as every other service currently covered by money being deducted from your check. No longer will you need to work from January to May just to pay the government. You can start keeping more of the money you worked so hard to earn. This could help elevate the need for filing income tax returns every year as you would not have any deductions or extra taxes to calculate. Let’s call it a real flat tax plan. Individual states can still impose a sales tax. But only if one day of the week is made tax free and in total the tax can be no higher than 5 percent. I would also impose regulations on all “fees” charged by companies to increase their bill average. Wouldn’t it be nice if when you got a phone or cable bill that you were just charged for the service and not for ten to fifteen other fees attached to it? Instead of calling them “connection fees” we should call them what they are, taxes. Now before you freak out and say this plan won’t generate enough capital please read on.

2. I would pass a universal healthcare bill that included every person in the country regardless of income, race, creed, medical history, marital status, hair color, smell, or whatever other reason you are currently be denied the healthcare you need. I would use France and Cuba’s healthcare system as a model and starting block. If you fear this idea, please see these innovative country’s systems to understand how this will help us all live healthy longer lives. This plan would cost you absolutely nothing to participate in. It would include mental and dental health as well. I would offer all employees longer vacations and full paid sick leave. New mothers could take up to one year off to raise their newborn. Then when returning to work, they would receive free child care. The childcare will have adequate staffing overseen by trained professionals who take pride in their work and have medical training to deal with sudden problems. Prescriptions would cost five dollars, no matter what the medication, dosage, or frequency of use. There would be no more being declined for anything, if you need treatment, you will receive it. Your life is decided by insurance companies who see you as a dollar sign. They’re in the business of making money and there is no money in making you healthy. Currently there is no money in finding a cure for a disease, only in fighting the symptoms. I would invest money in research and development of cures for all diseases and fund programs dedicated to that goal. In the never ending search for the next answer to human life, I would approve stem cell research as well.

3. I would fund a plan to send every person who wanted an education to school for free. There would be no more college loans and no more financial aid that no one qualifies for. I would bring back all the programs that have been cut in school budgets due to rising costs and frivolous spending. It’s time to take the people who do not think in the best interest of our children out of the equation. I would fully fund programs for the arts and encourage our youth to experience our rich culture. I would pay teachers a better wage and make the criteria for becoming a teacher more stringent. I would also offer bonuses to teachers who achieve greater results from their classrooms. Thus forcing teachers to be more accountable for student’s graduating to the next grade. No more letting money determine your child education. I will give teachers the tools they need to educate our young, but add limits to a teacher’s tenure. Tenure will no longer be a get out of jail free card for those who do not genuinely work to better their student’s lives. I would create jobs by offering classroom aids and shrinking the size of students per classroom. We can teach children to aspire to be more. I would also offer more common sense courses to help people learn about life in the real world such as:

Understanding Money
Basic Reading in Everyday Life
Common Courtesy
Maps and Cultures of the World (Get to Know Your Neighbor)
You Too Can Learn To Operate a Motor Vehicle
Everyday Math (No really, it’s not that hard)
Truth in Media
Minding Your Own Business 101
Common Sense and How to Use It

4. I would work hard to devise an alternative fuel strategy. We need to get on track to be independent of all foreign bought oil by the end of my first term. May the solution be the electric car, hybrids, methane gas, hydro electric power, or bio-diesel we need to put our best and brightest minds to work. If we figured out how to make a ‘Segue’ move on it’s own I think we need to work a tad bit harder on coming up with a new plan. We have the ability to revolutionize the world as our forefathers did so many times before. We have to break our dependency on foreign oil and start putting our hard earned money back into our nation’s growth. And seriously, drilling in our wildlife preserves is not the answer we are looking for. Finding a new plan will help us deal with the growing dangers of global warming and hopefully reverse the effects that drilling and the burning of oil has brought on the Earth. We need to think of our children and grandchildren and their futures. There is a bigger global picture, and currently we are missing the mark.

5. I would prohibit lobbyists from giving any money or perk to members of our government. I would make all current elected officials give back every hand out they received from a lobbyist, within ninety days, or take your money and resign. We need to get the corporations out of our government. These lobbyists work for corporations and special interest groups. We have to stop allowing companies to rule our country. They do not think in our best interest. They think in their company’s best interest and the almighty dollar guides their decisions. We need to put the power back into the hands of the people. Make your elected officials represent you, and not whoever lines their pockets most graciously. I will then have an “IRS” styled team audit the government and everyone who has taken bail out money from the government and used it in untraceable or unethical ways. This would include lavish company parties and bonuses for CEO’s who ruin their companies. The banks that took billions of dollars of bail out money and now suddenly have nothing to show for it need to show this team where it all went.

6. I would place a ban on the use of high fructose corn syrup by the end of my terms (yes terms). Start by making companies add a corn syrup free product into their lines. Go back to the healthier way of creating a sugary sweet taste, sugar. We are allowing corporations to make us fat by putting indigestible chemicals into our bodies. Take a second to read the label on almost anything you buy in a can, jar, bottle, or box. I bet that a good amount of those items will list high fructose corn syrup as a major ingredient. I know we make a lot of corn. So we need to figure out other things to do with it. If you need an idea see number four above. We are the most out of shape nation in the world. Although lack of exercise plays a large part in the problem so does the amount of corn syrup in our products. There are currently programs paying farmers not to grow fruit and vegetables due to over production. Well that practice is over. We will produce as much as we can and export our extras it to those countries around the world that go hungry everyday. I will also work to provide strict regulations to crack down and control companies who limit production just to keep the consumers’ cost up by falsifying supply and demand numbers.

7. I would decriminalize marijuana and tax it to death. Marijuana is easy to cultivate and could become a booming new industry in the country. Let’s be honest about pot, it doesn’t hurt anyone. We could use it in place of all those anti-depressant medications constantly being shoved down our countries throat. It would add to the tax pool and help create even more jobs to bolster our economy. This would also help to destroy the Mexican gangs currently making our southern most border a blood bath. We can take the money away from the bad guys and then use it to help fund programs for our citizens. I would put an end to the “War on Drugs” and set free all non violent drug offenders thus cutting down on our prison population. This money could be turned into educational programs to help children understand the dangers of persistent drug use by using facts instead of propaganda and fear.

8. I would insist that we stay out of all other countries’ business unless we are asked nicely to intervene. If Iraq wants us out, then let’s get out. Why are we still fighting there right now? Do you believe it’s going to fall into chaos if we leave? We are not going to be there forever, and weather we are there two days or two hundred years, chaos will ensue. That’s because the land is not ours and we have no stake in it or the oil we went there to steal in the first place. We need to take care of our land and our people. Our opinion does not need to be that of the rest of the worlds. Will we need to be involved in some aspects of the world? Yes I do believe we will. For example a place like Darfur certainly needs our help. But that stems from the fact that they lack basic human rights. They have no clean drinking water and no active sewer system. So let’s start by helping them and all third world countries to get basic necessities they need. When we pick and choose what countries we want to help it breeds anger and resentment towards us. Such anger and hatred for each other is pushing us all to the brink of extinction.

9. I would give all current illegal aliens the opportunity to become citizens or ask them to leave within ninety days. If an illegal does not want to be a citizen he will not receive any health care or other social programs. Nor will any offspring born to them while illegal receive citizenship. If caught, said illegals will be deported and unable to ever attain a visa to return. Currently the number of illegal aliens who inhabit this county is massive and continues to grow. Some are of the criminal element and are circumventing many of our society’s laws. I would then close our borders and make that the responsibility of the armed forces to protect. We would update our immigration policy to allow foreigners a chance to become citizens after they meet an attainable set of guidelines. With the tax revenue that the millions of illegal aliens currently living in our country would provide we could create even more jobs to help protect our shores and citizens. All incoming shipments would have strict verification guidelines. Nothing gets into the country without being fully searched in some form or another. Americans would be able to see that joining the armed forces did not mean you were definitely going to fight a meaningless war. They would be staying home and protecting our country.

10. I would remove all religion from politics. Too many decisions are made by men who feel that God has spoken to them. Hello Mosses, God does not talk to you. Those are just voices inside your head. Some people would refer to that as split personalities. I on the other hand just call it crazy. When this belief is used in a decision that affects every American on a daily basis it is just wrong. Millions of citizens believe in millions of different things. Not everyone takes the stories in the bible as literally as some do. It certainly isn’t the word of God and you can not manipulate the stories to fit into whatever cause you are fighting against now. We are free to believe whatever we want to believe without the fear of religious persecution. Our founding fathers were smart enough to understand the importance of separating church and state. I will follow in their footsteps. I would legalize gay marriage and give all citizens the exact same rights that every American deserves. I would allow women the right to choose what they do with their bodies. It’s her body and she has the right to do with it as she pleases. I would also open the lines of communication in regards to assisted suicide. I for one do not want to live longer if it involves spending my final days hooked up to a machine while I lay in a pool of my own feces. It’s time to leave everyone alone that you do not agree with in one way or another. Overly religious people preach love but practice hate when it comes to something they don’t agree with.

11. Most of all, I would tell the truth and stop allowing the media to manipulate my message. I would say what I mean and mean what I say. I would make tough decisions daily and would know that I could never make every person happy. I will eliminate the White House press secretary and brief the press corps at the end of each day myself. If I was unable to be at the White House because I was out making the world a better place I would meet with them via satellite. I would answer every question with honesty and be as informative as possible. All questions asked must deal with national problems. No personal questions about me, my family, or people I know. I also will not talk about anything that could jeopardize our national security. I want the American people to know what is going on in their country and how their lives are affected by what I do on a daily basis. I would meet all calls of corruption and ignorance head on. I would demand every government official caught in a scandal to resign within ninety days. I would pass a law that stated any government official found guilty of corruption in a court of law would be removed from office immediately. New appointees would need to be voted in by the people, not appointed by someone already in the government. The people would decide who represents them. Also any political official too old to understand how to operate the internet would also have to resign (You’ve been voted out of office already, but I’m talking to you Ted Stevens)

I know some of you are going to say things like universal healthcare and free schooling is a form of socialism. Well here are some services we have that are already socialized:
The Post Office
Police Department
Fire Department
For the most part these services run extremely efficiently wouldn’t you say?

If elected I would help this country regain its identity as a global trailblazer. I would make it my personal mission to better the lives of every citizen as well as the futures of our unborn citizens. America is at a crossroads. Do we take the easy and well traveled road or do we choose the left hand path and deal with possible adversity head on. These choices won’t be easy and yes sacrifices will have to be made. But as a people we need to wake up and realize that it really may be time to step back and see where we are. Our nation is in real trouble. The founding fathers would not be happy with what their country has become. It’s time to really reach down and pull ourselves up by our boot straps. With your help we can come out of this. I won’t be able to do it without your votes. So what do you say, you with me?

Friday, March 13, 2009

10 Albums that Influenced My Life

After some encouragement from my lady, here is the list that begged to be written...

In no particular order...

1. J. Geils Band - Freeze Frame (1981)
I was but a youngster of 8 years old when I got this on LP (That's right vinyl!) and was hooked from the first camera flash. I listened to this album so much my parents wanted to kill me. Especially since we had only one record player in the house (in the dining room). This album started my love for music and made me want to become a musician someday. It also made me want to learn to write, and I did - my 1st short story titled, you guessed it, "Freeze Frame". I was also young and a song about pissing on a wall was just too damn cool for words.

2. Skid Row - Skid Row (1990)
Family trip to Florida in my dad's old station wagon. Driving the entire way fighting with my younger brother and sister in the back seat. What better way to tune them out? I had my walkman and wore out this tape along with Warrant's "Dirty Rotten Filthy Stinkin Rich". To this day the only one I can still listen to and enjoy is Skid Row. I was just finding my identity with music and had thrown out my Debbie Gibson tapes - sorry Dave. Hair metal!! I think my mom and dad knew this album as well as I did. My dad threatened legal action if I didn't turn it down. But alas I couldn't hear him...

3. Tesla - The Great Radio Controversy (1990)
High School, what can be said except if I knew then what I know now. Trying to find my way in a sea of uncertainty was tougher than I would have liked. Perhaps being a late bloomer worked out in my favor. If it wasn't for Tesla and my Toyota Tercell (thank you Aunt Ei) I don't think my maturation process would have started like it did. I can still remember sitting outside the HS working on my "system" just so that I could listen to this cassette and Tesla's other great tape "Mechanical Resonance" at top volume.

4. Sublime - 40oz to Freedom (1992)
This album helped me become a bit more grounded and helped to open my ears to different musical styles. I was so into heavy heavy shit that when I 1st heard songs like "Don't Push" and "Doin' Time" they blew my mind. Be it this CD or "Sublime" my summers have never been the same. This band took different styles and threw them in a blender = Pure magic.

5. Slayer - Reign in Blood (1986)
Working at Ground Round around 1994 and listening to hair metal like it was my job. I had just started playing the drums in a band that practiced in GR's basement with my friend Russ and Dave Lease. One of the people who came to watch us "jam" weekly told me about Dave Lombardo and his amazing double bass skills. Who knew that by him lending me this tape he would forever change my musical taste. It was with this tape that the maniac drumming style I adopted came to be. To this day the first few seconds of "Raining Blood" and the thunderous 'dom dom dom' of the toms send shivers up my spine. Also this song vexes me in Guitar hero! Damn you advanced!!! Although any Slayer from South of Heaven to Undisputed Attitude could also be here.

6. Dog Fashion Disco - Adultery (2006)
Favorite band of all time. Could have picked anything from their catalog but this is the best album they put out. Weird, heavy, trippy, lounge, etc etc. What else can be said? If you haven't heard Pogo the Clown you haven't lived. Every band that they became after DFD broke up is equally as amazing. I can listen to every CD from start to finish and then do it again and again. I hear new things all the time. And shit, the one and only mosh pit Casey was ever in was in Baltimore when we went to go see their reunion show! ROCK ON!

7. Chaos Theory - Scarred for Life (1995)
Ok so it might be passé' to put your own CD on your top 10 list, but Dan did it with CT3 and this CD changed my life. Up until this point I was still struggling to find myself as a man. This CD was released and a monster was born. From mild mannered line cook to high performance rock star (or something like that) all the while making life long friends and experiencing things not many people ever get to experience. The CD might not be the best we ever did but it was the beginning of 2nd part of my life. The term party like a rock star never seemed so right. Multiple CDs, tours, bands, and lineup changes later this lineup is still the quintessential Chaos Theory. It also spawned our biggest hit, Karate Chop. Oh and did I mention all of our music is available on i-tunes? haha sorry self plug.

8. Metallica - ...And Justice for All (1990)
Steve Brown my good friend from HS used to play the shit out of this in his parents Lincoln when we would go out. I wasn't that into it when I first heard it but it grew on me fast. Still between Debbie Gibson and Hair Metal this CD along with "The Garage EP" helped me get into heavier music and out of the pop fold. It was this album and Gun's N Rose's "Appetite for Destruction" (thanks to Dave for pushing me to listen to them) that made my junior and senior year of HS shine. I can still remember Steve referring to GnR as 'Pop Metal' and me being like no way man it's heavy as hell!!

9. In Flames - Reroute to Remain (2002)
When this album came out Ernie and I needed something to revitalize our love for music. That summer we couldn't stop listening to it. I can still see Ernie sitting at my dining room table playing "System" on his air guitar. It’s trashy and heavy with melody? WTF was going on! This album helped us get into new genres of metal and helped us to remember why we wanted to write music in the 1st place.

10. Glassjaw - Worship and Tribute (2002)
Having decided I was sick of everything sounding exactly the same I started expanding my horizons into other heavy yet different genres. Although you could call this hardcore I never really felt it fit into any specific category. I had quite a few interesting experiences listening to this CD and we will leave it at that. This is the CD that started my love for quirky metal. Although that's the worst possible term I could come up with, it sums it up. I hate whats on the radio, I hate all the bands that sound the same. Go between genres people do something new and exciting. That's what I love about Glassjaw.

Honorable mention: Ill Nino - Revolution Revolution, Dope - Life, Savatage - Edge of Thorns, Skindred - Babylon, Machine Head - Burn My Eyes, Mindless Self Indulgence - Frankenstein Girls will Seem Strangely Sexy, 40 Below Summer - Invitation to the Dance, (Hed) pe - any, Engine - Engine, Snot - Get Some, Cinderella - Night Songs, Motley Crue - Dr. Feelgood, Pendulum - In Silico, and too many more to name.

Anyone remember any that I missed? Anyone have any albums that they associate me to?

Currently listening:
Wrath (Deluxe)
By Lamb of God
Release date: 2009-02-24

Thursday, October 02, 2008

Bailout? More Like Payout.

Bailout? More Like Payout.
Current mood: distressed

Here is one of the most telling signs of our government's ass backwards way of thinking. Let's give $700 billion (to start) to the banks so they can clean up the mess that they created. Why didn't the government call me to offer me a bailout plan when I was financially struggling in my early 20's? Was it because I wasn't already rich? Or perhaps it was because I hadn't greased the palms of lawmakers enough. Make sure to go read this article on MSN ( about Alan Fishman of Washington Mutual bank. With our government pushing it's great bailout we are once again shown the light. This guy worked for WaMu for 3 weeks and is walking away with a $19 million severance package. That's not a typo. It's more proof that our government is only concerned with the rich and could care less about the middle class. This guy is getting our hard earned money for running a bank into the ground. I am sure that the writing was on the wall before his 3 week tenure started, but come on. When all is said and done and our government shoves it's "plan" right down our throat what will America be like? We are all feeling the crunch during these times. Everything costs too much for the average person to get ahead in life. When are 'We the People' going to stand up and take control of our country. Our government wants the power to buy up anything it wants. It wants to have control in the private sector so that we can be more like communist China. I know that's a reach but look at the eerie similarities to the plan they have. The bailout's $700 billion is only a start. Has anyone bothered to read this bailout? It's open ended and not goverened by the same rules. That means they can continue to spend our money, buying buisness for themselves, and no one can do anything about it. I'm getting scared here people, and what the fuck?? AM I THE ONLY ONE?? Did I take the crazy pills here?

Is it time to move to Canada yet??

Canada = free health care, open imigration, equal taxes, clean streets. Sounds better than the garbage filled streets of racism and rich bias we live in. Did we foget to take pride in our country? Casey was drving home from work the other day and noticed a couple throw a whole bag of trash out their window. She pulled up beside them and asked if they really just did that. You know what they said to her?? "Mind your fucking buisness." CLASSY!! It is her buisness. It is all of our buisnesses. I could go on for hours about all the stupidity and idiocracy that consumes our country but I'm not going to. All I am going to say here is that I am saddened by the state of our country. We are no longer the "Greatest Country in the World" it's great to say that you are, but we have to do something to keep ourselves there.

Last thougths about what I think....

1. We need to get the f out of Iraq right now. Pack up the boys and bring them home. $1 billion a day is being wasted there. WASTED!! What have we acomplished so far?
Save money to help the banks, save our soldiers, and protect our land. I can't keep giving all my hard earned money to the government and their cronies.

2. I want Obamma to win in November. But I am going to go on the record here and say that he will not win. There are too many racists and idiots in this country for this to happen. I read things everyday that make no sense about his experience. He isn't a Bush and isn't someone who has been working in the wings with the current administration. He is the only hope we have for saving this country. He might be no better than McCain in the end, but at least it's hope. McCain is going to continue down the path we are on. Continue down the path like your old drunk uncle. Stop harboring feelings of inadequacy and bigitory. it's time to move on and accept that any man no matter his race or creed can be just like you. We all bleed red.

Read and article, open a book, and start to think.
It's time we took the power back.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

It’s Not News! It’s CNN

Shame on you CNN for deciding that gossip is more newsworthy than anything else around the world. I was standing in the post office in Princeton yesterday, waiting in the long line (12 people in line and only one lane open - surprise, surprise). I glanced over towards the television mounted on the wall and noticed CNN was on. The only reason I realized it was CNN was because of their logo in the corner. For the entire 20 minutes I was stuck in line, CNN covered Madonna. They had "experts" in studio to discuss her maybe, or maybe not, getting a divorce. I watched the ticker run across the bottom of the screen.... bombing in Bagdad, gas hits another all time high, elections in Zimbabwe, etc. But what does CNN decide to spend the better part of 20 minutes on? That's right Madonna. What the hell has happened to journalism? What has happened to the Bob Woodward's and Carl Bernsteins? I'm sure Peter Jennings is rolling over in his grave when he sees how much real journalism has disappeared. We've gone from breaking actual news stories to gossiping. It's like listening to 6th graders talk about each other. The he said she said mentality is destroying America! There I said it! We are all becoming gossip girls! Everyone just talks shit about each other and tries relentlessly to get into each other's business. Why do you care what everyone else does? What's wrong with minding your own business and taking care of yourself for a change? I don't give a rat's ass about why Madonna is getting divorced. But I do care that the President passed another military spending bill that our grandchildren and their children will have to pay for. Why isn't that being covered with as much scrutiny on CNN as Madonna? I think that CNN should leave the gossiping to the entertainment channels and start reporting on real news. That's right, real news. Things that are important to our way of life. Stop covering stars that get enough attention without your help. Maybe it's our fault as a nation that this happened. Maybe we made journalists report gossip because the majority of the populace wants to hear about it. It's always entertaining to hear about celebrities getting into trouble or doing something we don't have the ability to do. I just don't think it needs to be covered by a news channel claiming to be a reputable news source. It's not news, its gossip CNN. Average no talent hacks are becoming stars because of our thirst for reality TV. And again reputable news sources feel the need to cover the life and times of people who won the social lottery. I have zero interest in what my neighbor is doing let alone what some idiot of orange county is doing. It's time for people to spend less time wishing they were someone else and more time taking care of their own. Then maybe we'll be lucky enough to have a news channel that actually reports news. But until then I will continue to view these "news channels" for what they are, retreaded gossip rags.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

I'm Feeling Economically Stimulated

The skies have opened and the all mighty light of the United States government has finally shown down upon me! It started as average, ordinary day, filled with the same old silliness I've come to make a habit. But in fact it was a most special day! Cue the trumpet fanfare! My economic stimulus check has arrived! I almost can't wait to spend it! I've been thinking of all the things I'm going to buy. Oh the choices! But then my evil "rational" personality chimes in. "Save It!" it slithers in my ear. Damn you rational side! Why do you vex me? Have I not been saving for what seems like forever??

But let's just suppose I get it. Just for a second, humor me.

This is what I take the point of the stimulus check to be: The government gives us some of our taxes back. They want us to go out and spend the money that they are giving us back on whatever crap we want. Best case scenario for them would be that we do spend it, because that would then stimulate the economy. Saving it will not stimulate anything, including interest. So to summarize, the government gives us back some of the money we made working. They want us to spend that money on stuff. So the people who make the stuff get our money for the stuff they made. Then presto! The economy is stimulated! Makes sense I suppose.

I know this is getting long winded, but bear with me. I have a point. I promise.

I'm not heading to the rich get richer point that I could go to. Because believe me that has most certainly crossed my mind. My check will probably go to pay for gasoline, and we all know how I feel about gas prices, so we'll leave it at that. I think the whole "stimulus plan" in theory is a great idea. But just to offer an opinion why don't we cut the taxes on certain things that are taxed high and used often. Like gas for example. Some of the gas price is actually tax. Taxes put in place by the state and federal governments. So if we dropped that tax an equivalent of what our stimulus check was worth might that have the same effect on the economy? Stretching it out over 365 days would make it a pittance. It's an average of $1.64 a day. Although this check is great to get, it's not doing anything to those who could've used it before it became tough to keep up with their bills. Anyone who has trouble staying afloat will see this check as a blessing. Believe me, I was there. It took me many years to get my self back on track. But the average $600 that an individual is going to get back isn't going to get many people out of the hole. I imagine this plan to be the equivalent of a getting a "rub and tug". Except, you end up with just the "tug". Then later on you find yourself wondering, "Why does my back still hurt?" You're going to feel like you got a great deal, probably forget that $600 is gone before you blinked an eye, then realize the government missed the real point. It'll take a lot more than $600 to really help you feel economically secure. With people losing their homes everyday I'm pretty sure this check isn't going to do much to help them.

I do appreciate the money though, I'm certainly not complaining. And you can't have it back. I promise Dubua, I'll put it to good use, no matter what I buy.

I'm just one man with a distored view on what the culture tells me should be reality. So join me in asking questions. Stop conforming to what the TV tells you is the way to live. Make up your own mind! THINK!

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Random Thoughts for the Week 6/10/08

Last night my wife told me that my last couple of posts seem like angry rants, so although this one follows the same direction, I promise to end on a happier note.

1) I had the displeasure of catching a moment of the E channel's entertainment news the other night in passing. I overheard the hostess refer to all the camera men surrounding some star as "the Paparazzi" in a condescending voice as to imply irritation. Um hello, E hostess, yea you are the paparazzi.... That's the equivalent of piece of corn wondering why it's surrounded by shit in a septic tank.

2) When gas gets to $5 a gallon will the government do anything then or will they just continue to line their pockets with $100 bills? Has anyone else come to the stark realization that we will never see gas below $3 again in our life time? At this point $3 a gallon would be a blessing. It's hard for me to take any elected civil servant seriously these days. Especially when they are continuously referred to as "oil men." You'd think that if they were "oil men" that they could do something about the out of control costs. A better name would be "money men" since they seem to have an uncanny knack for taking as much of it as they can shove in their private off shore bank accounts. Then I read in the news today that our Republican representation vetoed a proposed bill that would tax big oil companies on "unreasonable" profits they could make based on the excessive price of gas. What is so wrong about that? Big oil already has billions of dollars in tax breaks given to them by our government. What else could our government possibly do to help them? The real question is why do they continue to help billionaires and continue to stick it to the middle class. Where are our big tax breaks? I'd be happy to pay a higher tax if I made billions of dollars a year. Our president is in bed with Big Oil, has been since his days in Texas. He had already said that if the bill got to him he would veto it. Of course he would! Do you think he would want to upset his greedy friends? I can't even begin to imagine the deep level of corruption that starts in our state governments and works its way right up to the big cheese. I am in 100% agreement with Dennis Kucinich (D-OH) it's time to vote on the impeachment of "Dubua."

You can read an article on this at

The price of gas is sending our economy into an out of control spiral that has affected virtually every facet of everyday life. Prices on food, services, disposable goods, transport, and delivery have all risen drastically since this gas crisis has started. Companies are starting to have to raise prices on everything just to break even as they slowly but surely see their bottom line going into the red. Why is it that our government can't stop taking handouts from big corporations? And for that matter why is it that the media can't stop gossiping and start covering the important issues? Why is this not a bigger news story you ask? Could it be because Jessica Alba had a baby? Thanks CNN I never would have known (or cared) unless you talked about it during Headline News. The media in this country is a joke anymore. We have free press here and all you can do is dodge the important issues and highlight the information that no one should care about. Did anyone know that on Tuesday a U.S. Government Accountability Office survey was released detailing unfit soldiers being forced to serve? Of course not! Want to know why? Hardly anyone covered it. Didn't hear too much about it on the news or read much about it in the paper. I had to search for it on the internet and then luckily found an article published by the Denver Post. I urge you to read up on the survey's findings, it is truly disturbing.

(Read it here

3) Animals have always liked me, don't know what it is. Perhaps they can just sense that I mean them no harm. We rescued a cat the other day that someone dumped near our house. I couldn't keep him because I've already got three, but he was such a little lover that he clearly belonged to someone. I took him in out of the rain and cleaned him up. I posted various "cat found" postings on the net and even called local shelters looking to return him to his owner. After two days there were no replies and no leads. So with the help of my vet I set out on a mission to find him a home. People had contacted me through the ads I posted with great interest. I felt strange just handing him over to a stranger since it was very apparent that there were people who wanted this cat for reasons other than a pet: cat fights, testing, bait, etc. What is this world coming to that people feel the need to torture or kill defenseless animals for fun? That's sick not fun. I hope that someday we get invaded by aliens and their sport is making people fight to the death, and the 1st contestants are these sick people. Given that's quite a stretch but hey it's nice to dream once in a while. I just think that what comes around goes around. I am fully behind any laws that will raise the criminal ramifications of such acts. I was contacted by a woman from Rescue Pets ( about taking him and helping him find a home. They work throughout Pet Smarts and various other local agencies to rescue and place animals with good families. I urge you to always go to your local shelter or through one of these adoption agencies when you are looking to get yourself a new pet. I went to the Burlington County Animal Shelter here and it almost made me sick to be in there. They have a euthanasia rate at about 70% for all animals brought there. There were tons of very friendly cats and dogs for you to adopt. From new born to older animals there is something there for everyone. Please help save a life. And if you have to give up your animal for any reason please do not take him to the shelter unless it is a last ditch effort! Organizations like Rescue Pets will take them and try to place them. They are no kill organizations. Some local shelters are also no kill, but it would be best to call before ever taking a pet there. Also these organizations need donations and volunteers, please see your local pet rescue for more details. If you have a pet and can't keep it, abandoning them to fend for themselves is never the answer. Your pet relies on you to survive. How would you have felt if your parents dropped you off in the woods when you were young? If you can't take care of a pet then the bottom line is you shouldn't get one.

Saturday, May 31, 2008

Random Thought 5/29/08

Here are my thoughts for the week, feel free to comment or start a discussion. I like it best when you agree with me :-) but you don't have too.

1. Congress is going to investigate the "sport" of horse racing! Go Figure! It's not like there is some fucked up war going on right now. I mean isn't this just the best time in our lives as far as our personal wealth? How much does gas cost you these days? Shit what about food?? Oh but I forgot people are mistreating horses (Ed note: not that I condone that) hurry Congress before it's too late!! For the horses that is. PS great job on spygate and Clemens you might as well pick something from all sports and go for the gusto. Who's paying attention to you bailing out private banks like Bear Stearns (who aided in funding and caused this mortgage crisis) with our money anyway? That's what I pay taxes for right?

2. I'm on the "anybody but Bush" bandwagon for the most part (Go Nader) so I don't have a strong opinion on either Democratic candidate. But is it just me or is Barack sounding more and more like a preacher every day? I know that these speeches and appearances are just the hype machine in full motion. I think I saw this somewhere before, oh yea that's right, church. Not that he's preaching religion. It's just his delivery. Try this exercise - listen to him talk. Then, when he finishes a sentence say, Amen.

3. I want to personally thank Lenox, Coach, and others for sending me fantastic 10% off coupons! Now I can spend my whopping $600 economic stimulus check from the government on something fancy! Who doesn't love being trendy? I mean that is why you decided to mail out this extremely uncharacteristic coupon (for your over priced product) at this specific time isn't it? You know what 10% of an $800 pocket book is? Jack Shit, that's what.

4. I fully understand why New Jersey passed the cell phone ban for drivers. Honestly most people have enough trouble driving as it is without the added distraction of holding and talking on a cell phone. This morning I witnessed a woman driving near where I work, she was on her cell phone turning left at a light onto a major road. She ran over the median as she turned and then swerved in front of another car to avoid hitting a road sign. But she managed to keep the phone in her hand while she did this, great job! What would have happened if she hit that other driver? Do you think she would have continued to talk on the phone? Perhaps she would have told whomever she was talking to that she would have to call them back when she got back in the car. It might be time for the police to start enforcing this one. Bluetooth is the safe way to go these days, and it's cheap enough for everyone to afford. Pay attention to driving your car for a change, you can gossip later.

5. Someone please tell our president that the word "awesome" is not presidential. He used it with the Pope ("Thank you, your holiness, awesome speech."). He also used it in talking about the troops (U.S. forces are "an awesome bunch of people"). How long before he starts talking about how "rad" McCain is? i.e.: John McCain is not only gnarly but he's phat! I can only shake my head as the rest of the world quietly giggles in the background. The Daily Show did an awesome montage of all the times he's used his new favorite word. View it here